getting drunk by myself cause I’m trying to be a responsible adult and go to sleep before 6 am.

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Russian medical record written in cursive

Jesus this makes me want to cry! Why Russian, why??

I know the feeling.

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the weird sense of relief/accomplishment when you learn that that person really hates your guts and for once it was not only happening in your head.

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Dead pigeons in the fountain #ArciDallò #fuckyoustefano

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Getting ready for tonight! #skalettarockclub #estrella #spritz (at Milano Cadorna railway station)

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am I still drunk from last night or have I reached insanity?

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Are we having fun yet? #seraanaisawesomesauce

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I guess I’ll just focus on bunnies gifs and buy the new TacocaT record.

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this weekend got increasingly worse on my finances/self esteem/car/everything. so since if this keeps up I might not make it to the end of the month I better drink what’s left of my birthday money away at Skaletta on wednesday. where I’ll see Vapid & The Cheats and The Murderburgers for the 3rd time in like a week (and I actually had ~fun~ or whatever) so I should probably suck it up and stop whining

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after I parked my car near the train station I noticed a construction site and a bunch of dudes working next to the sidewalk on my way and thought “oh man here it comes”. it was getting late and I actually started to run (sort of) they all started yelling “run sweetheart! run! I know you can make it!” while pointing and laughing at me.
I can’t even get harrassed in a normal way.

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"The Witches" (1990)

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