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I’m going to miss you, 3.50 € sangrias #Gardaland #sangria

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prioritiesintact tagged me to post 20 random songs from my ipod so I guess I’m doing this.

1) Silly People - The Muffs
2) Screwing Around - The Copyrights
3) Die Today - The Steinways (OWTH cover)
4) The Kissing Disease - The Turkletons
5) Only In Dreams - Weezer
6) Fuck The World (I’m Hanging Out With You Tonight) - The Unlovables
7) Going Crazy - Marked Men
8) Secret Club - The Peacocks
9) Unicorn Rider - The Hextalls
10) Ghost Of Thirty Years (Old) - Vacation Bible School
11) 20/20 - The 20 Belows
12) Not Guilty - MTX
13) Dui - Team Stray
14) Never Tear Us Apart - House Boat
15) How ‘d The Date End - MTX
16) Little Sugar - The Windowsill
17) Brother Brian - Waxahatchee
18) Heartbeaten By The Police - The High Hats
19) No Way Out - The Real Danger
20) I Was Only Kidding - The Ergs! (Weird Al cover)

I’m not tagging anyone because I’m like the last person to do this on here.

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some jerk sent me a dick pic

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bless this episode for existing and sangria for mending my terrible moodswings.
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The only thing better than a wall full of dildos is ALL OF SEASON ONE OF BROAD CITY STREAMING ON CC.COM!!! Catch up on season 1 at cc.com/broadcity yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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Spot on

both functions of “fighting the enemies of the state” and “serving and protecting the people,” in our current context, serve a white supremacist, capitalist, and neoimperialist agenda. neither function is actually a net good for the vast majority of the people who can be considered citizens of the state. this quote is profoundly wrong because it assumes that the militarization of the police force indicates that something has broken or gone awry in the institution, when in fact it is one of the best examples we can point to of the institution functioning as it was intended.

yeah but Adama is in the military you can’t really expect him to talk shit about that. he is not really my favorite character but you know when they say that as humans you shouldn’t just survive, you have to deserve it? in my head I link it to issues that are very similar to the ones you mentioned and stuff like this is a big part of what makes me go all gooey inside about this show.
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Spot on

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kitten foot worship porn

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bye bye medusa, it was awesome while it lasted.

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